Unlimited streaming & recording. Free equipment & website. Everything included for only $65/month

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When you sign up to utilize Streaming Truth you have all of the following available to you:

-Live Audio/Video Streaming & Recording
We offer you the ability to stream your sermons, events, productions or anything you wish live. Every message you broadcast is automatically saved and preserved forever. Live broadcast and recordings are available on every device; computers, tablets, phones, and more. The live video and recordings can be viewed on our website or embeded on yours, always without ads.

-Free video broadcasting equipment
Broadcasting equipment can come with a large financial burden. We think every message should be shared and saved. If you need the equipment to broadcast & record your services we will provide a basic gear setup for free.

-Free Website Hosting and Design
Maintaining an online presence can be expensive. It doesn’t have to be. We don’t think having a website should cost you anything more. We will host and even design a website for your ministry, no additional charge.

-Free Technical Support
We have support available to all our members for FREE. When you join our online community we will ensure you are always confident and effective in the use of our technology. We are here to help.
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Unlimited Live Broadcasting & Auto-Archiving

Free Website Hosting & Design

Free Basic Video Equipment

Free Support & Guidance

Lowest Price Promise

We are dedicated to assisting ministries of all sizes at the lowest possible cost, so we provide all of the above services at only $65/month for everything. If your church can't afford that, we can also provide assistance in payment. We want to help everyone grow in the digital age, regardless of their financials.