Please read what one of our customers has to say:


To Whom it may concern,

As a church we understood the importance of video streaming early on. That is why we implemented this technology a few years ago.
The feedback on the concept has been great allowing shut-ins, visitors, out of town members, and even military personnel the ability to experience our worship services when they could not attend.

Although putting our video stream on the web has been rewarding, there have always been challenges with streaming including the exorbitant cost, quality issues, and customer support when we experienced inevitable technology challenges.

Enter Streaming Truth…

This was the first company we dealt with who walked us through a step-by-step process to our quality and technology issues. Our visual quality is now streaming at 2x the resolution we experienced before. Perhaps the best part is they cut our streaming budget by 90% in the first year and saved the church over $3500 in the first year alone.

I highly recommend giving Streaming Truth’s team the opportunity to access your current situation and I know whether you have done this for many years or are just embarking on this initiative they will be a great asset in your ministry.