Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Streaming Truth Provide?

A. Streaming Truth provides the media system which allows churches to live stream and archive their videos. You can live stream with unrestricted quality, streams can be viewed on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, and all content can be embedded on your site if desired.  We also support our service with the top of the line tech support.

Q. What internet speed is needed to live broadcast?

A. For viewing a live broadcast, you will need an internet speed with, at the minimum, more bandwidth then what is being streamed. For example, if a church is broadcasting at 500k (0.5Mbps) you will need at least 600k (0.6Mbps) speed to view the live stream. For broadcasting, we recommend having double the bandwidth you want to stream at available. For example, if you are streaming at 450k (0.45Mbps) we recommend 900k (0.9Mbps) internet speed or faster. You can check your speed by clicking here

Q. How do I stream live?

A. After you signup for an account, we will make sure you are confident in the steps needed to stream live video. Basically, you will download the video encoder, enter the stream URL and name provided by Streaming Truth, set the video quality, connect your camera, then click "Start" to being streaming live! All of the settings will be remembered by your encoder, so for future broadcast you will simply need to click "Start." 

Q. How do I upload archived video?

A. Simply login to your account, click upload video, then select the file on your computer.

Q. What file types are supported?

A. wmv,avi,mov,mpeg,mpg,flv,mp4,f4v and m4v are supported. However, some files may take until the end of the business day to convert and appear in your account.

Q. What cameras work for live streaming?

A. Almost every video camera will work. If you have a firewire output, just connect the camera to your computer using firewire. If your camera does not have a firewire, you can use the composite (RCA) output from your camera into a converter and then into your computer. One such converter for this is the "Dazzle"

Q. Can I embed my content into my own site?

A. Yes! You can embed your live video player and any archived videos into any site you want.